006"I needed more space in the cloud but it's terribly expensive..., it's better to buy another disk and I’ll take it in the bag..., I hope it all goes well!

First of all, it´s important to clarify Partnerplus's point of view on Public, Private Clouds and External Storage. We acknowledge each solution value, but the most important thing is to suit them to each individual client needs.

Cloud: Excellent option to ensure the security of critical information from your server by replica, but not as a primary source. Why is that?

  • Maintenance costs - Easy to see by the following chart analysis:qnap_vs_cloud_-_uk
  • Download/data recover costs: Although no one ever mentions it, the truth is that uploading information to clouds is usually free; however the data download or recovery is not!

In addition, it may take days to recover all the information needed depending on the user´s internet connection, causing a waste of time and delays on your RPO (Recovery Point Objective) process.

External Hard Drives: Excellent option for a quick and effective information replica, but never as a primary source. Why?

  • Costs vs Useful Space vs Data Security.

(As an example, consider an external disk of 1TB)

  • With 4 external disks of 1TB you´ve available 2TB, because usually 2 disks are copies of another 2 disks, right? And you still have to manually copy data to each disk.
  • In a NAS server, four 1TB internal disks, cheaper than external ones, provide useful 3TB on a single "disk", without manual (and faulty) copies need to a disk (RAID5). If a physical disk fails everything keeps on working and you´re notified immediately by email. Partnerplus will collect the broken disk (when in warranty period) and deliver a new one (requires order if it’s out of warranty).

​​Traditional Physical Server: Excellent option for medium-sized business but unsuitable for independent professionals, micro and small businesses. Why?

  • Cost-functionality Ratio: All "traditional" server functionalities are available in a NAS server. It can even be a better solution than a "traditional" server by incorporating server, storage and networking features into a single NAS device. Actually, all major manufacturers are already following this trend and launching HyperConverged solutions 10x more expensive than a NAS server.

NOTE: "Traditional" servers remain good solutions, but suitable for companies with more than 50 users, i.e. only 1.8% of Portugal companies. Information source: Dun&Bradstreet (2016 Firmography)


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