003004"I needed that file so much for this meeting! Everything was there, why did I forgot it at home?"

"I told not to delete it, but now I have nothing..." "He left us and took everything to a competing company…”


Remote Access and Data Sharing

There are 3 ways to remotely access the data on your server:

  • myQnapCloud: Portal with easy accesses to all your data, from your PC, laptop, or even Smartphone, with all secure (https://) and SSL certified security (optional). You can share files from here with your colleagues or customers as easily as in any public cloud (e.g. Dropbox).
  • VPN connections: Remote access with encrypted VPN connections (128/256bits) to all data (IPSEC, L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN). These are connections that encrypt data so that whoever intercepts it can't read it in a timely manner.
  • Administration links: These connections are only available by configuring the server administrator, otherwise they are not possible. (TELNET, SSH, FTP, ...).

User Access Permissions

  • All internal and external accesses are always made according to users defined by the system administrator. Thus, we can for example define that a particular user is not even allowed to see other’s folders in his information searches.
  • Any files users deleted from their folders will always be stored in a recycle folder to which only the administrator has access.
  • Files are only permanently deleted by system administrator action and never by users, whether they have done it accidentally or not.


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