GDPR Compliance


"And now how am I going to secure and control my data?", "What about my clients information and projects?"


NAS Servers have always aimed to protect information on its IT solutions. Thus, it´s clear and natural in response to 3 fundamental GDPR principles:

  • Right to be "forgotten" and easy access to personal data: Allow very complete searches with multiple filters (text, type, size, date and others) to all stored data, displaying only the results for which users have access. Monitors access and data changes of files in order to allow registration and control. Therefore, it´s easy to access all the user/client data.
  • Right to know when personal data has been hacked: The NAS server constantly monitors your data, recording each action and event occurred. All events are registered and can be easily blocked automatically/manually according to previously defined policies.
  • Data protection "by design" and by definition: There are several systems and functionalities that aim by definition to protect all existing server data, such as:
    • RAID Protection - To prevent data loss even in case of disk failure(s).
    • HDD Smart - Constant and real-time disc health monitoring.
    • Snapshots - To ensure data recovery if needed.
    • Encryption - So that never anyone without authorization has access to data.
    • Remote Backups - Real-time backups to all data for distant location and/or multiple clouds.
    • User Access Control - Enables username, network port, and IP detail.
    • Integration with ACL (Access Control List) rules set.
    • Integrations with Access Management (AD).
    • Integration with LDAP (Access Management on Linux servers).
    • IT team management and monitoring - Easy, centralized and available through Manager apps with notification automation.

Check the document (QNAP vs. GDPR) available for download to understand all advantages.


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